GitStack makes your Git server easy to install and manage on Windows.

Wizard Setup
Wizard Setup You just need to run a ‘next next next’ installation wizard to set everything up in a few minutes. GitStack is compatible with all the recent windows operating systems.
Repository Management
Repository Management Create and delete a git repository using the administration panel. Repositories are available for push and pull over the http protocol.
Users & Groups Management
Users & Groups Management Add remove permissions to your repositories.
Active Directory Integration
Active Directory Integration Connect your git server to any Active Directory / Ldap server.
Web Administration
Web Administration Manage your Git server from anywhere with the web administration interface.
Open Source
Open Source GitStack is available for free and released under the GPL v3 license. Open source software has endless benefits including increased quality, security, innovation and reduced vendor lock-in and cost. We might charge in the future for premium enterprise features to get a sustainable business model. The core version of GitStack will always remain free.
Smooth Updates
Smooth Updates GitStack can be updated seamlessly over the previous version without any loss of data.
One Click Migration
One Click Migration GitStack can import your existing git repository with its auto import feature.
Standard Technologies
Standard Technologies GitStack is built on the top of msysgit (git for windows) and the apache web server. The web interface has been created using python/django. Theses technologies are cutting edge and future proof.