Free Git e-book

Fri, Aug 17, 2012
Our Syncfusion partner has published a comprehensive guide to using the Git repository earlier this year. The “Git Succinctly” ebook will have you up and running with one of the fastest-spreading revision control systems out there.
Git Succintly is complete with vivid diagrams, clear code samples, and a careful walk-through of primary features; it’s your guide to how Git operates, what its advantages are, and how you can incorporate it into your own workflow.

Git Succinctly will teach you:

-How to install and configure Git.
-How to create and clone repositories.
-How to use the staging area to organize and manage your commits.
-How to create, manage, and merge branches.
-How to interact with remote repositories.

Get it now!

We recommend to distribute this ebook to your developers after a GitStack deployment.