Can I change the location of Repositories alone?

Can I change the location of Repositories alone?
asked February 29, 2012

2 Answers

You can change the repository location from the file located in C:\dev\gitstack\app\
Edit the line at the bottom of the file :
REPOSITORIES_PATH = 'C:/dev/gitstack/repositories'

Restart GitStack from the windows services panel.

It has not been tested, but it should work. This feature has been asked multiple times, so I have created a ticket.


I needed to put the repositories on a share, after some tests, I finally used mklink on windows 2008 R2, it worked like a charm.

Go In gitstack folder, move repositories folder to the final destination

open a cmd with admin rights, go to gitstack folder

run "mklink /D repositories <the target path>"

a link is created. It works also with unc path

(WARN: the folder must be accessible to the account that runs the gitstack service)

Hope it helps.


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