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Hello, So I am brand new to GitStack and I am installing it on a remote server. I only have access to the server through a program called TeamViewer. Installation of GitStack went fine, but when I browse to localhost/gitstack/ I receive a message “This site is running TeamViewer Free Port 80 for other applications in advanced settings.” I followed another thread which said I could change GitStacks port to 8080 by editing apache/conf/httpd.conf  but that file no longer appears to have the correct line. My issue is that I cannot close the webservice on port 80, because without TeamViewer I cannot access the computer. So how can I hard change GitStacks port? Or, is this impossible and can I change TeamViewer’s port? Thanks!
asked May 15, 2012

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Nevermind, figured out how to change TeamViewer's Port.
Hi, If you have multiple web servers on the same machine, please read this documentation article.

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