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hello,   trying to get the gitstack to use the php_mysql.dll so I can run a bugtracker on the same apache instance. ive added the extention_dir extension_dir = “C:\GitStack\php\ext” and the dll extension=php_mysql.dll extension=php_mysqli.dll   I’ve restarted gitstack – does this also restart php or just apache?   not working for me. phpinfo not listing mysql  
asked April 12, 2012

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looking into this further, php is reporting: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'C:\dev\gitstack\php\ext\php_mysql.dll   I'm not pointing to c:\dev in my config - is "dev"  a config path setting in gitstack that I haven't spotted?
For your issue, there are two solutions :
1. You can install another WAMP server on the side running on a different port with your bug tracker.
2. If you continue to modify gitstack, I think this article has a solution for you. Try to set your own extension_dir.

I do not recommend to modify gitstack as you will not be able to upgrade to the next gitstack version without overwriting your changes.
Hello poiuytrez   I solved this issue by copying the php extenstions in : C:\GitStack\php\ext to a new directory C:\dev\GitStack\php\ext I didn't modify gitstack other than adding a conf file to conf/gitstack/ I know copy the extensions to another location is not ideal, but it solves the issue and did not need modification to the stack. However, there is clearly some issue, I assume atm within gitstack where it points to \dev\ as root, whereas this directory does not exist.    
Thanks. It seems to be a minor issue that do not currently have a lot of impact. Could you create an issue on the issue tracker ?

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