critical bug in environment variables

hello, i was installing the gitstack on windows 7, and i found out that in the environment variables \ System variables you overridden  the PATH variable to W:\GitStack\python;W:\GitStack\python\Scripts;W:\GitStack\git\cmd;W:\GitStack\git\bin all my previous Path value was deleted and i was have deer except from the default system paths a lot custom defined paths and a lot of others applications paths. is there a way to get my path value back? and you have to warn about this!!!              
asked June 5, 2012

2 Answers

I had a similar problem with GitStack 1.3, see You can get your path back by using System Restore to undo the GitStack installation. I work around this problem by making a copy of my path before installing GitStack. Do you perchance have a very long path ? Mine is over 1300 characters, and I think that there may be a limit to the length of environment variables under Windows.
This issue is now fixed :

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