fatal: could not read Password for ‘…’: No such device or address

In our windows network we run a windows machine with gitstack. We also have a development machine – a VM running Linux. A deployment tool – Capistrano v2 - executes git commands and deploys the code to a target server – another VM named: demo.foobar.company.local In our config we use the repo URL w/o a password e.g.: http://username@git.company.local/foobar.git The first git command executed is: git ls-remote http://username@git.company.local/foobar.git HEAD I get a password prompt as expected, enter password, taking me to the next command: git clone -q http://username@git.company.local/foobar.git Entering the password this time gives me an error from the target server: fatal: could not read Password for ‘http://semadmin@git.semco.local’: No such device or address As a workarount we added our password to the repo URL which worked fine. But there are use cases we work with remote servers where we can’t do this. Any idea why the target server gives me this error and how to prevent this?    
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