fatal error: info/refs not found

Hi, I recently downloaded and installed the GitStack server on a Windows 7 machine. I am able to browse the repository and able to create new repository through the web UI and so on. However, when I tried to clone the repository on a client machine, I get a fatal error info/refs not found. Did you run git -update-server-info? I also tried running the command but still no luck. Any pointers would be very helpful. My client was XCode4 from a Mac and I also later tried to use the Git GUI on a windows machine. Same error on both cases.   Thanks, Javid
asked March 28, 2012

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Never mind. Stupid me. Was using a wrong URL when trying to clone. I was including the gitstack/ after localhost and realized, I need to have the url as http://localost/Test.git   Javid

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