Git push to remote repository.

I can clone and pull from my gitstack server without any problems, but as soon as I try to push I receive the following error: Cannot access URL http://41.21.311.111:85/repositoryname.git/, return code 22
failed to push some refs to ‘http://41.21.311.111:85/repositoryname.git’.

I’m new to GIT and GitStack and would like use it for my projects. I’ve tried to solve the problem for the last couple of hours; any advice or pointers would be much apreciated.

I can push from the local machine. The remote machine connects through the internet with a port forwarding rule to the host. The apache server runs on port 85.

asked April 17, 2012

2 Answers

I am pretty sure that it is a firewall or port forwarding issue. Are you able to do in your web browser http://41.21.311.111:85/gitstack/ from the computer you are trying to push ?
I got it to work.. My client computer still had Git version 1.6.xx on, I upgraded it to git 1.7.10 and everything works perfectly. Thanks, Reinier

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