Gitstack and netbeans?

Hello, I have installed gitstack on my home computer and created a user and repository, as per documentation. I now would like to use Netbeans feature Team > Git > Clone to connect to that repository? (Remote computer) How would I do that?
Tags: asked April 25, 2012

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On NetBeans 7.1.1, click on Team->Clone. On the "clone repository" window enter the repository url : http://john@
It should work.
Thanks! Now instead of telling me that repository doesn't exist, I get the following: http://demo@myip/gitdemo.git: cannot open git-upload-pack I couldn't find a fruitful solution to this on Google. Any idea why? Is it a permission access issue or..?
Are you able to follow the get started tutorial and clone/push from the console ?

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