Hook for post-receive not working


I have recently started using gitstack, but I cannot get Hooks to work.

I have the server and a client set up and working, i can push, pull and commit. However, since this is a web server, I want my GitStack server to upload the files to an FTP-server, using a post-receive Hook.

I have a file in GitStack\repositories\projectname.git\hooks\

the file is called post-recieve.bat and contains the code to launch another program.

However, when i push to the repo, the bat file is never called. If i just double-click it, it works fine.
If i try to execute post_receive from cmd.exe, it runs fine.
in apace logfile i get this error message: error: cannot spawn hooks/post-receive: No such file or directory
I have tried running chmod +x and chmod 777 on the post_receive file but still the same.

Also tried renaming the script to post-receive.cmd or just post-receive


the file just contains the line

e:\syncback\syncback.exe send

What can I do to get post-receive to work with gitstack?
I only have GitStack installed, no msysgit and no cygwin, but I have added GitStackgitbin to PATH

I have no idea what might be wrong, but I hope it is possible to accomplish what I am trying to do.
How can I make GitStack upload files to ftp when I push to the server?


Update: added more info

Tags: asked March 16, 2012

3 Answers

I have tried lots of different paths for shebang, but it does not seem to work. In path, I have c:/Gitstack/bin and c:/gitstack/cmd There is obviously something I am not getting... i have tried:
  • #!/c/gitstack/bin/sh echo test mkdir test
  • #!/c/gitstack/bin/bash echo test mkdir test
  • #!/bin/sh echo test mkdir test
  • #!/bin/bash echo test mkdir test
  • #!/sh echo test mkdir test
  • #!/bash echo test mkdir test
  • #!sh echo test mkdir test
  • #!bash echo test mkdir test
My recommendation is to contribute to stack overflow. GitStack is a standard installation of Git and I am almost sure that the issue is related to Git on Windows and is not specific on GitStack. This Msysgit Google Group is also exellent to post this kind of questions.

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