Internal server error after installation.

Not really a question, just a note on turning defeat into victory.  After multiple installations and uninstallations which seemed to go OK until I tried to load the Gitstack page and got the same old “internal server error” I actually did finally get Gitstack to run. Apparently it is quite picky about what other servers are running when it starts. For those who are butting heads with this error, I had to temporarily kill these:  Bitvise SSH, CollabNet SVN, UberSVN, MySQL; Filezilla; SQL server; and  Goodsync server. Also had to remove some left over path assignments that were no longer valid, and take a careful look at environment variables including PATH and PYTHONHOME. Once I got it running (3days to do it). I changed its http and https port assignments to some unused ports. Once it was happy with that I restarted all the servers listed above and a second instance of apache that I’m using for something else and now all the servers are playing nice together. Ya, I know, that’s a lot of servers running in one box, but it’s cool. photophart
asked January 31, 2014

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Thanks a lot for sharing ! You might consider using Virtualization to avoid conflicts in the future.

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