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For the amount being charged for this software I would expect it to work flawlessly, it is far from that! The basic set-up works well but from that point forward things go from bad to worse.

There are just far too many work arounds and manually set-up I was required to do to warrant to get it mostly working as we desired. Paying money for this software, is not justified. If you want $60 a month for this software it better work out of the box and it does not and there better be support to help you get going. My impression, this software is maintained by a couple of people at best trying to make a quick buck.

I contacted support and I got told go ask your question in "this forum". For the amount of effort I’ve put into getting GitStack to nearly work as we need it to I should have set-up my very own server from the open source code out there.

I highly recommend just doing it yourself and forget using GitStack

Tags: asked April 14, 2014

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Do not hesitate to contact us again. We do not remember having redirected an user to the forum. We also could not link your registration email ( to a real address in your customer service emails. So we are unsure if this message is just spam or a real message.

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