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<p>What is required to get post receive commands to work with GitStack. <p>The script runs find stand-alone.  I am able to commit to the repository no problem all is good. <p>I am wondering if something needs to be turned on in the Apache server that is not turned on by default.  Has anyone else experienced this issue. <p>If I can’t get this going within the next 24 hours it will mean my boss doesn’t by GitStack :( .
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Same problem here.

Only occurs with huge commits (pushes).

I've tried to change http.postBuffer and php.ini (memory_limit, post_data_size, asn) don't change anything.

	git push --verbose --progress origin master 2> err.txt

	Counting objects: 2431, done.
	Delta compression using up to 2 threads.
	Compressing objects: 100% (2429/2429), done.
	Writing objects: 100% (2431/2431), 336.19 MiB | 6.49 MiB/s, done.
	Total 2431 (delta 1024), reused 0 (delta 0)
	POST git-receive-pack (352518561 bytes)
	fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
	fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
	error: RPC failed; result=22, HTTP code = 401
	Pushing to http://slafon:sylvain@manzalab-server/D2C_base.git
	Everything up-to-date

I've got this in my error.log :

[Tue Apr 08 10:05:00 2014] [error] [client] access to
/---------.git/git-receive-pack failed, reason: require directives present
and no Authoritative handler.

EDIT : It was my fault, sorry ! :/


I do have a we bit more info, looked at the error logs duh.  However, it I'm still pretty much clueless.

Error message ...

[Tue Apr 08 11:05:12 2014] [error] [client] user sjaeger: authentication failure for "/myrepo/info/refs": Password Mismatch  

This would be so much easier if I was on Linux  


I've decided this is a BUG is GitStack!

The error happens even without the post-receive script, but it is because of this error things fail and scripts don't happen really bummed because now I need to find a new Git Server that works under Windows!    

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