Unable to browse repository – version 2.3.6

We have a similar problem as stated here: https://gitstack.com/questions/ldap-users-cant-authenticate-against-gitstack/   We have successfully configured LDAP and MSAD users are able to log in.   Read/Write is assigned all users. Browsing however returns same errormessage as stated in the link above: Warning: ldap_search(): Search: Bad search filter in D:\GitStack\gitphp\include\Authentication.class.php on line 278 failure: search in LDAP-tree failed Your GitStack credentials were not entered correcly. Please ask your GitStack administrator to give you a username/password and give you access to this repository. Note : You have to enter the credentials of a user which has at least read access to your repository. Your GitStack administration panel username/password will not work.   If we change to GitStack users & groups instead of LDAP all users are able to browse.   Any help appreciated. Thx.
asked September 22, 2014

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That's weird. Could you check if you have any messages in C:/gitstack/apache/logs ?
I am having the same issue. Using version 2.3.7.

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