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Hi, I’m having some trouble in using Gitstack with a secured HTTPS connection, I tried a lot of different things and read a lot over the Internet but still I could not make it work. It looks like my certificate is not created properly. I’m using Sourcetree as the Git client. Here are my steps : 1. On Gitstack I change the security to “Accept https only” 2. In Sourcetree I create a public-private key using Putty, it generates a public .crt file and private .ppk file 3. I rename the files and put them on the Gitstack server in the C:\GitStack\data\certificates folder 4. I try the restart Gitstack service and I get an error “Windows could not start the service”. But if I put back the original certificate files, I can start the service. I would be very thankful if someone can help me on this, I spent already a few days on this problem :( Thank you !
Tags: asked October 29, 2015

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Have you read on documentation about https ? Would you be able to use a certificate which is not self signed?

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