Using SparkleShare with GitStack on Windows Server?

Hello, I’ve just heard about a great alternative to Dropbox. Having no limits in availiable space and an observing eye from the cloud-hosting company, are just two of the advantages in comparison to the filesharing tool. So, I was wondering if I can manage to install and run the whole thing with my own server. Well. Actually I’m a completely newby to all that git-stuff and it’s quiet impressiv! Anyway. Now, I’ve installed the server Gitstack and was wondering if there is an easy to use Tutorial on how to get it to work with Sparkleshare. Sparkleshare requires a server which is availiable by a fixed IP I guess? Does anybody have some kind of experience on how to get this working? Thanks, Ben
asked June 5, 2012

1 Answer

It is not possible to use SparkleShare with GitStack because SparkleShare do not support SmartHTTP :(

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