Getting Started

Wed, Jun 20, 2012




Download GitStack

Run the installer

Please make sure any previous version of GitStack has been uninstalled before installing a new version.
-if an other webserver is already running on he machine please read the GitStack and other web servers article.
-GitStack will not work if a python environment is already installed on your machine.

Launch the GitStack.exe.

Choose a destination folder directory without any whitespace for example C:\GitStack

Click on install

When the setup is finished, launch your browser to http://localhost/gitstack/ The list of repositories will be empty.

Create a new repository

To create a repository, enter a name in the Create Repository box and click on create. Avoid any space in the repository name (example : companyproject).

Add a new user

Create a new user from the user panel.

Go back to the repository panel and click on the manage users button, then add the user to the repository.

Clone you repository

Clone the repository from your Git client computer by using the git clone command. (replace localhost by your server ip address)

git clone http://john@

You will be prompted for your password.

Git client test

We recommend to read the documentation article on how to browse your repository on the web.
Feel free to ask any questions on the Q&A page.